Friday, August 14, 2009

Do You Know The Way To San Jose?

I had a great weekend working...yes...I said working. I was in San Jose for a scrapbook expo and it was a blast. When we checked into our rooms we found the most glorious beds. here's my friend Melissa, owner of 'The Rubber Cafe', "making love" to the bed.

On Thurs we set up the booth...I didn't take pics :( Fri & Sat the sales were on. Fri & Sat night we were practally giving it away at the crop. The ring leader, Dave, was a great host. During the two night crop we had a few helpers that just kept coming back for more. They were a great help and Melissa treated them to dinner on the last night where the youngest of the bunch fell asleep as we chatted the night away. During the crop Melissa asked the ladies to get up and dance for paper. Of they gloriously got up and danced. Along the dance line there was a great guy, that I'm sure was getting up to dance for his beloved, and won the paper pack. Meanwhile...Dave is thinking of ways to entertain the crowd, he convinces Melissa to wheel him out on a luggage trolly as he danced to 'Macho Macho Man' from the Village People. It was a great show for the ladies. While they're all dancing the night away, Regi & I were running the registers. All in was a very entertaining crop.
On Sunday we rested, for a while. Then we packed up and headed for home. On the way home, Regi convinced us we needed to see the little town of Holister...have lunch...soak up some local beauty. We spent drove through what looked like a ghost town. Every business was out of business, and there were few places to eat. We did find a colorful bar and grill that was serving up chicken and ribs for to benifit the local softball team. Our host for the hour had a few too many to drink...but hey...he loved us and he was very entertaining. He let us know that his hog head gear was painted outside the when we finished eating we took a walk around the side...and there it was...bigger than life, along with a few other painted faces that seemed familiar. Melissa couldn't help getting right up to the snot of things.

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